Jonathan Yalif

jyJonathan Yalif was born and raised in Jerusalem Israel. His early life also included many trips and extended stays throughout the Far East. As he grew older he would find inspiration in Europe and apply to his studies at The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Once completing his studies there he moved to America to continue his education in both Texas and then Washington DC. He finally came to reside in New Jersey.

Jonathan has now been designing and creating spaces and homes in New Jersey, New York and internationally for over 30 years.

Jonathan continues to travel internationally multiple times every year honing his skills, investigating current trends, and finding new and rare pieces that continue to influence his style and that he can bring back to his clients. While he enjoys classical/neoclassical and eclectic styles, he is versed in them all and enjoys working with his clients to find and fulfill their vision.

Jonathan is happy to meet with you, evaluate your needs, and design your home, whether it is from scratch, or room by room as you see fit. Please give him a call to schedule a consultation at 732-530-3590.